Happy Thanksgiving from GoWaiter!

November 18th, 2012

Thanksgiving is almost here, and now is the time when we all take stock of our lives and what we’re thankful for. And this week, GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port would like to thank YOU, our valued customers, for being so awesome! We’re very grateful for your business and we love being able to bring you food from your favorite restaurants every day of the week, so here are some money-saving GoWaiter coupons you can use for the next couple of weeks. You can use EACH of these coupons, once per order, so go ahead and splurge!

Halloween GoWaiter Coupons!

October 26th, 2012

All stocked up on Halloween candy? Don’t forget to save room for some real food! TREAT yourself to restaurant delivery from GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port with these money-saving coupons! You can use EACH of these coupons, once per order.

P.S. We’d love to cater your Halloween party! Contact us today to let us know which of our many restaurant partners’ food you’d like to have for your costume get-together this week.

Where Do You Stand?

October 13th, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in a state of heightened tensions right now. The atmosphere is charged with the electricity of decision. These are serious matters affecting each and every one of us. Now is the time for the gloves to come off and the question to be settled once and for all:

Stay in, or dine out?

Of course, with GoWaiter at your beck and call, you can do both — and we’ve got new coupons to make it even easier for you! When you want fresh, delicious restaurant food delivered straight to your doorstep, GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port is here to make it happen!

(Remember: You can use all three of these coupons, one per order.)

Coupons For…Werewolf…Um, Coupons!

September 29th, 2012

Okay, so it’s a little early to be talking about werewolves and spooky things, but whatever! Here are three money-saving coupons you can use on your next food delivery orders from GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port! You may use ALL THREE of these coupons, one per order.

Oh, and by the way: Our Fall Menu Guide is out! You may have received your copy in the mail, but if not, your GoWaiter Delivery Waiter will bring you one with your next order. It features new restaurants, new coupons, and more pictures of the delicious food we’re ready to bring you seven days a week!

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 19th, 2012

Ahoy, mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties! An’ to celebrate the bounty of treasure we’ve hoarded wit’ all our restaurant partners, we be offerin’ FREE DELIVERY for today only wit’ coupon code SALTYDOGS when ye place yer order. Whether ye be a land lubber or a scurvy cur, GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port be ready to bring yer favorite chow for lunch an’ dinner. Time to go explorin’ in the Soup Jungle Cafe, or set sail for the farthest shores of iAsia. Whatever yer preferred grub, GoWaiter’ll hoist our colors and haul it out to ya, for the same price as takeout!

Business Partner Spotlight: Reliable Services Carpet Cleaning

September 16th, 2012

Here at GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port, we like to shine the occasional spotlight on some of the wonderful local businesses that have partnered with us. Today we’d like to encourage you to get your carpets cleaned with Reliable Services, a well-established company that’s professional, thorough, and, well — reliable! They’ll take great care of your carpets and upholstery with a personal touch and tough-to-beat rates. Give ‘em a call and make sure you mention GoWaiter!

Fall Coupons Are Here!

September 15th, 2012

So the weather is cooling off (kinda…) and there’s a pleasant breeze in the air these days. We typically don’t see much in the way of seasons in our neck of the woods, but what we’ve got right now is what passes for summer turning into fall. So to celebrate a slight dip in the mercury (hey, we’ll take what we can get!), here are some money-saving coupons you can use on your next orders from GoWaiter! Use ‘em for a gourmet pizza party from Uncle Nick’s, a platter of jaw-stretching sandwiches from Sam’s Subs, or even just a big ol’ ham from HoneyBaked. Whatever you choose, GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port will deliver your food to you fresh from the restaurant!

Now Delivering to Lake Suzy, Plus More Options For You!

September 8th, 2012

As usual, here at GoWaiter we try to listen and respond to what you, our valued customers, are saying. One of the things we’ve been hearing a lot of lately is something along these lines: “I want to order from [My Favorite Restaurant] on your site, but it says they don’t deliver to my ZIP code!” Sometimes you’ve got a hankering for that Jack Daniels Burger from TGI Friday’s, or Loony Lori‘s giant stromboli, and nothing else will do, right? We agree, and so we’ve taken steps to make this problem go away. We’ve just just done a complete overhaul of our delivery area zones (now including Lake Suzy!), which makes this a perfect time for us to talk about delivery fees.

We’ve discussed the subject a little in the past, when we explained the importance of tipping your delivery driver; basically, the delivery fee goes straight into your driver’s fuel tank, and that’s why it’s not considered a tip. (In case you haven’t noticed, gas isn’t getting any cheaper.) But have you ever wondered how the delivery fees are calculated, and why the fees are higher for some restaurants? Let’s break it down.

In simplest terms, the delivery fee is calculated by distance: The farther you are from the restaurant, the higher the delivery charge. That’s why we ask for your ZIP code when you place an order. If you live way up in the boonies of North Port and you’re craving ribs from Wally’s Southern Style BBQ down in Charlotte Harbor, we WILL deliver it to you — but you need to expect to pay extra for the distance. Remember, our drivers use their own vehicles and buy their own gas, and the delivery charge is the only way for them to recoup that. Plus, after they’ve dropped off your meal, they still have to drive to the next restaurant for their next delivery, and if your house is ten miles from civilization, that’s gonna cost the driver too.

Another important thing to keep in mind when you order from a distant restaurant is travel time. Our delivery drivers always bring your food in sealed hotbags to make sure you’re getting it as fresh as possible; but there are limits to how fresh a hot meal can stay when it takes over twenty minutes to get to your house from the restaurant. That goes double for cold items like desserts. So when you place your order and you notice that your delivery fee is $5.99 or above, that means there’s extended travel time between the restaurant and your address, and that can affect the quality of your food.

Now that you know the logistics of how delivery fees work, we hope you’ll take these things into account the next time you order. We’re happy to bring you delicious food from your favorite restaurants, even if we have to go the extra mile — literally! GoWaiter of Port Charlotte/North Port is grateful for your business, and we don’t want anyone in our local ZIP codes to feel left out.

Join Our Team!

August 31st, 2012

Do you have high standards for customer service? Are you over 21 with your own vehicle and a clean record? Do you have previous experience in delivery and/or food service? If so, we might have a spot for you on the GoWaiter Team!

We are looking for part-time restaurant delivery drivers in the Port Charlotte and North Port area who are reliable, dependable, and who can follow directions in a fast-paced environment. We’ve added several new restaurant partners recently, and season is creeping up on us, so we want to make sure we’ve got enough people who can deliver food to our customers while it’s still hot and fresh from the restaurant!


  • Familiarity with local geography and weather conditions;
  • Reliable, safe vehicle;
  • At least 21 years of age with valid Florida driver’s license;
  • Current automobile insurance that meets state minimum requirements;
  • Clean driving record (must provide MVR);
  • Must pass background check;
  • Must have cell phone with text messaging.


  • Maintain clear communication with dispatcher at all times;
  • Pick up food orders from restaurants and deliver to customers in a timely manner;
  • Collect payment for orders upon delivery;
  • Maintain delivery equipment.


  • High school diploma;
  • Prior delivery experience preferred.

Approximately 10-15 hours per week to start. Dependability and proven skills lead to more hours. Weekend shifts required. Shift availability is flexible, but you must be reliable. Shifts can be scheduled around an existing job.

This is an independent contractor position. Pay varies approximately $7-12 per hour (delivery charges plus tips), cash nightly.

If you meet the above requirements, send introductory email to cecelia@gowaiterpc.com with phone number. Include your resume/any previous job experience.

Yet ANOTHER New Restaurant: Greek Grille & Gallery!

August 14th, 2012

Holy Hercules, Batman! We’ve just partnered up with ANOTHER amazing local restaurant: Greek Grille & Gallery in North Port!

Greek Grille is renowned locally for their love of fine art and the art of fine cuisine. And starting now, you can call up GoWaiter and order scrumptious gyros, stuffed grape leaves, baklava, and a whole menu full of stuff that’s hard to pronounce but delicious to eat, to be delivered straight to your doorstep! And we’re talking REAL Mediterranean food here — NOT mall chow.

Greek Grille and Gallery welcomes the opportunity to introduce the community to the TRUE taste of Greek cuisine, with wonderful ingredients imported from overseas to give you that authentic Mediterranean flavor. It’s OPALICIOUS!

Click here to check out the amazing menu and place your order!