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Tired of the same old takeout? Bored with the slim pickings for delivery in this town? GoWaiter is here to give you more and tastier options! We partner with several of your favorite local restaurants to provide home and business delivery of delicious food — for the same price as takeout.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You visit our website, or call us at 941-357-2989.
  2. Choose a restaurant.
  3. Pick your favorite entrees, sides, and desserts.
  4. Complete your order.

We take it from there. We send your order to the restaurant, our driver picks up your food, and delivers it to you within 45-55 minutes of placing your order (depending on the restaurant’s cook time and distance). That’s all there is to it!

Got questions? We’re ready to answer them. Here are a few of the ones we hear the most.

Q: Do you charge more for the food than the restaurant charges?

A: NO! Unlike other delivery services, GoWaiter’s menu prices ALWAYS match the restaurants’ dine-in prices. We work closely with each restaurant to be sure that every item in our menu is the same price as theirs. Any time a restaurant changes their menu in any way, we update our menus to match. We never jack up the food prices to line our pockets, and we never will.

Q: Do you charge a delivery fee?

A: Yes, we charge a nominal delivery fee in order to offset the cost of gasoline for our drivers. Delivery starts at $3.99 for online orders, and may be slightly higher for long-distance deliveries. The delivery fee is a flat charge and does not change based on the size of your order.

Q: Is the delivery fee a tip for the driver?

A: No. Since our drivers use their own vehicles and purchase their own gas, the delivery fee serves as a fuel charge to help them offset that cost. Our drivers work for tips, and really appreciate it when you reward them for their excellent service, just as you would a restaurant server.

Q: Do I have to order a certain amount before you’ll deliver?

A: The minimum order for lunch (11:00 AM to 4:00 PM) is $15.00, and the minimum for dinner (4:00 PM to 10:00 PM) is $20.00. But remember, if you were going out to eat at T.G.I. Friday’s or Beef O’Brady’s, you’d most likely spend that much anyway, since it’s so much better than the same old pizza or Chinese food.

Q: My favorite restaurant isn’t on your site. Can you deliver for them anyway?

A: GoWaiter contracts with each of the restaurants on our partner list to provide delivery service for them in this area. Unfortunately, we cannot provide delivery for any restaurant that has not contracted with us. If your favorite restaurant isn’t one of our partners, the best way to get them on board with us is to tell them yourself: “I wish you’d deliver. Why aren’t you working with GoWaiter?” The more people speak up, the better our chances of adding more restaurants!

Q: Do you do catering?

A: Yes! We can provide catering from any of our partner restaurants. We take care of everything, including delivering the food and setting up the service. Contact us today to set up your next business lunch, wedding rehearsal, birthday party, staff breakfast, or other catered event.

Q: I have a question/comment/concern that isn’t addressed here. How can I contact you?

A: Let us count the ways! We have many avenues of communication set up for you to let us know what’s on your mind.

Whatever method you choose, we’ll respond as soon as possible. We’re happy to talk to you!